Adding a printer to Mac OS 10.*+

The preferred printer to use in the Math Department is the copier located in the mailroom.

IP #

Model: Ricoh Aficio MP 4001PS

There is one other public printer in the department.


Model: HP Color Laserjet C4025

currently located in the business office - DL 442

  1. Go into your System Preferences by clicking on the Apple icon on the top left of your screen and selecting System Preferences.

  2. In the System Preferences window, select Print & Fax.

  3. In the Print & Fax window, click on the lock on the lower left of the window to unlock the window, and enter in your user name and password and press OK.

  4. Click on the plus sign on the left side underneath the Printers list (which may be empty).

  5. On the window that pops up, select the IP icon on the top toolbar.

  6. Change Protocol to Internet Printing.

  7. Enter in the IP address of the printer in the Address box. As you type this, your computer is going to try to detect the printer.

  8. In most cases, "Queue" be left blank.

  9. Name can be any description you would like to describe your printer. Location can also be anything you would like.

  10. If you have a newer printer, the computer will automatically detect it and the model number will have shown up after Print Using. If it has not, and Generic PostScript Printer is still present as the current selection, click on the arrows to the right of the text and select Select a driver to use...

  11. Try to find your printer's model in the list. If you do, select it and click the next button, and the printer will appear in the printers list in the Print and Fax window.

  12. If your printer is not in the list, then you can try leaving it as a Generic PostScript Printer and clicking the Add button. Your printer will appear in the printers list in the Print and Fax window.

  13. The new printer will automatically be the default printer unless you choose another one. If you want to switch the default to another printer, select the arrows next to Default Printer and select whichever printer you prefer to be default.

  14. Try to do a test print. Open up a program such as Microsoft Word, type in a few words, and then print the document. Make sure you select the printer you just added to print to if you changed the default printer to another one.

  15. If your document printed, then the printer was successfully added. If it did not, then you will have to go to here and download the correct driver for your system.

    Note: Before being able to print to the copier in the mailroom, you will need to set the user preset code. Ex: for Word For Microsoft Word, From the File menu choose Print In the printer window, make sure you select the Ricoh printer from the drop-down list of available printers. Click Copies & Pages, click the down arrow to the left of the printers drop-down menu. Check Emable User Code and then type your code in the User Code box. Click on Print to print your document.

If you need assistance send a message to