Picture of Anibal Velozo

Anibal Velozo

About me:

I am Gibbs assistant professor in the math department at Yale University. Before that I was a graduate student at Princeton under the supervision of Gang Tian. Before that I was an undergraduate at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Research Interests:

My main research interests are dynamical systems and geometry. I am particularly interested in the ergodic theory of non-compact dynamical systems.

Publications & preprints:

My papers on arXiv
  1. The space of invariant measures for countable Markov shifts (joint with G. Iommi). arXiv:1901.07972.
  2. Upper semi-continuity of entropy in non-compact settings (joint with G. Iommi and M. Todd). arXiv:1809.10022.
  3. Pressure, Poincare series and box dimension of the boundary (joint with G. Iommi). arXiv:1808.00933.
  4. Entropy theory of geodesic flows. arxiv:1711.06796.
  5. Rate distortion theory, metric mean dimension and measure theoretic entropy (joint with R. Velozo). arxiv:1707.05762.
  6. Phase transitions for geodesic flows and the geometric potential. arxiv:1704.02562.
  7. Escape of mass and entropy for geodesic flows (joint with F. Riquelme). To appear in Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems, arxiv:1610.04683.
  8. Entropy in the cusp and phase transitions for geodesic flows (joint with G. Iommi and F. Riquelme). To appear in Israel J. Math, arxiv:1511.03967