Caglar Uyanik

I am interested in Geometric Topology, Geometric Group Theory, Ergodic Theory and Dynamics. In particular;

  • Mapping class groups, Teichmüller spaces, Moduli spaces, Geodesic currents on surfaces
  • Out(FN), Culler-Vogtmann's Outer Space, Geometry of free factor and free splitting complexes, Geodesic currents on free groups
  • Veech Surfaces, Quadratic and Abelian Differentials, Dynamics on translation surfaces
  • Substitutions and symbolic dynamics
  • Random walks on groups and spaces, hyperbolic groups
  • Kleinian groups, representations of free and surface groups
  • Papers

    My papers are all posted to the arXiv. -->

    PhD Thesis

  • Dynamics of free group automorphisms and a subgroup alternative for Out(FN), August 2017. [pdf]
  • Notes

    Notes on geodesic currents on free groups from a mini course given by Ilya Kapovich.

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  • Lectures 4-5-6
  • Collaborators / Mentors