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Kleinian groups and Dynamics: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:20-11:30 at LOM206

Recent and Upcoming meetings that I am co-organizing

KIAS Summer school on Homogeneous Dynamics (Seoul, July 2-6, 2013): organized by Emmanuel Breulliard, Dmitry Kleinbock, Seon-Hee Lim and Hee Oh

Geometric and Arithmetic Aspects of Homogeneous Dynamics (MSRI one-semester program, Jan-May, 2015): organized by Dmitry Kleinbock, Elon Lindenstrauss, Jean-Francois Quint, Alireza Salehi-Golsefidy and Hee Oh


Yale Group Actions and Dynamics seminar (Mondays at 4:15pm)
Other Yale seminars

In press

Article in American Scientist by Dana Mackenzie on Apollonian gasket


ICWM Plenary lecture (2014)

Preprints and publications

Some papers below can be slightly different from their printed versions. Please refer to the numbering from the printed versions. For the link to my papers in MathSciNet, click here