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Abraham Robinson Professor of Mathematics
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Publications and preprints

For the link to my papers in MathSciNet, click here . For preprints, versions here are more updated than those available in the arXiv.
  1. Torus packings and self-joinings of Kleinian groups.
    (with S. Edwards and M. Lee), Preprint (pdf)
  2. Rigidity of Kleinian groups via self-joinings.
    (with D. Kim), Preprint (arXiv:2208.05806) (pdf)
  3. Euclidean traveller in hyperbolic worlds.
    Preprint (arXiv:2209.01306), To appears in the AMS Notices, Dec 2022 issue (pdf)
  4. Dichotomy and measures on limit sets of Anosov groups.
    (with M. Lee), Preprint (arXiv:2203.06794), (pdf)
  5. Temperedness of L^2(\Gamma\G) and positive eigenfunctions in higher rank.
    (with S. Edwards), Preprint (arXiv:2202.06203) (pdf)
  6. On denseness of horospheres in higher rank homogeneous spaces.
    (with O. Landesberg), Preprint (arXiv:2202.05044) (pdf)
  7. Tent property and directional limit sets for self-joinings of hyperbolic manifolds.
    (with D. Kim and Y. Minsky), Preprint (arXiv:2112.00877) (pdf)
  8. Uniqueness of conformal measures and local mixng for Anosov groups .
    (with S. Edwards and M. Lee), Michigan Math. J. 72 (Prasad volume), 243-259 (pdf)
  9. Horospherical invariant measures and a rank dichotomy for Anosov groups.
    (with O. Landesberg, M. Lee, and E. Lindenstrauss), Preprint (arXiv:2106.02635) (pdf)
  10. The Hopf-Tsuji-Sullivan dichotomy in higher rank and applications to Anosov subgroups.
    (with M. Burger, O. Landesberg, and M. Lee), Preprint (arXiv:2105.13930) (pdf)
  11. Ergodic decompositions of geometric measures on Anosov homogeneous spaces.
    (with M. Lee), To appear in Isarel J. Math (arXiv:2010.11337) (pdf)
  12. Invariant measures for horospherical actions and Anosov groups.
    (with M. Lee), To appear in Int. Math. Res. Notices (arXiv: 2008.05296) (pdf)
  13. Anosov groups: local mixing, counting, and equidistribution.
    (with S. Edwards and M. Lee), To appear in Geometry & Topology, arXiv:2003.14277 (pdf)
  14. Spectral gap and exponential mixing on geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds.
    (with S. Edwards), Duke Math. J, Vol 170 (2021), 3417-3458 (pdf)
  15. Isolations of geodesic planes in the frame bundle of a hyperbolic 3-manifold.
    (with A. Mohammadi), Preprint (arXiv:2002.06579), (pdf)
  16. Dynamics for discrete subgroups of SL(2,C).
    In: Dynamics, Geometry, Number theory: The impact of Margulis on Modern Mathematics (pdf)
  17. Topological proof of Benoist-Quint's orbit closure theorem for SO(d,1).
    (with M. Lee), Journal of Modern Dynamics, Vol 15 (2019), 263--276 (pdf)
  18. Orbit closures of unipotent flows for hyperbolic manifolds with Fuchsian ends.
    (with M. Lee), Preprint (arXiv:1902.06621) (pdf).
  19. Shrinking targets for the geodesic flow on geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds.
    (with D. Kelmer), Journal of Modern Dynamics, Vol 17 (2021), 401--434 (pdf)
  20. Orbit closures for the PSL(2,R)-action on hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
    (Fields Institute Summer School Lecture Notes), Preprint (pdf)
  21. Geodesic planes in geometrically finite acylindrical 3-manifolds.
    (with Y. Benoist), Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Vol 42 (2022), 514--553 (memorial volume for Katok) (pdf)
  22. Geodesic planes in the convex core of an acylindrical 3-manifold.
    (with C. McMullen and A. Mohammadi), Duke. Math. J, 171 (2022), no. 5, 1029-1060. (pdf)
  23. Local mixing and invariant measures for horospherical subgroups on abelian covers.
    (with W. Pan), IMRN 2019, Issue 19, 6036-6088 (pdf)
  24. Prime number theorems and holonomies for hyperbolic rational maps.
    (with D. Winter), Inventiones Mathematicae, Vol 208 (2017), 401--440 (pdf)
  25. Horocycles in hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
    (with C. McMullen and A. Mohammadi), Geometric and Functional Analsis, Vol 26 (2016), 961--973 (pdf)
  26. Geodesic planes in hyperbolic 3-manifolds.
    (with C. McMullen and A. Mohammadi), Inventiones Mathematicae, Vol 209 (2017), 425--461 (pdf)
  27. Invariant Radon measures for unipotent flows and products of Kleinian groups.
    (with A. Mohammadi), PAMS. 146 (2018), 1469--1479 (pdf)
  28. Fuchsian groups and compact hyperbolic surfaces.
    (with Y. Benoist), L'Enseignement Mathématique, Vol 62 (2016), 189--198 (pdf)
  29. Uniform congruence counting for Schottky semigroups in SL_2(Z).
    (with M. Magee and D. Winter), J. Reine Angew. Math., Vol 753 (2019), 89--135 (pdf)
  30. Uniform exponential mixing and resonance free regions for convex cocompact congruence subgroups of SL_2(Z).
    (with D. Winter), Journal of the American Mathematical Society, Vol 29 (2016), 1069--1115 (pdf)
  31. Closed geodesics and holonomies for Kleinian manifolds.
    (with G. Margulis and A. Mohammadi), Geometric and Functional analysis, Vol 24 (2014), 1608--1636 (pdf)
  32. Classification of joinings for Kleinian groups.
    (with A. Mohammadi), Duke Math.J., Vol 165 (2016), 2155--2223 (pdf)
  33. Matrix coefficients, counting and primes for orbits of geometrically finite groups.
    (with A. Mohammadi), Journal of the European Mathematical Society, Vol 17 (2015), 837--897 (pdf)
  34. Ergodicity of unipotent flows and Kleinian groups.
    (with A. Mohammadi), Journal of the American Mathematical Society, Vol 28 (2015), 531--577 (pdf)
  35. Eigenvalues of congruence covers of geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds.
    Journal of Geometric Analysis, Vol 25 (2015), 1421--1430 (pdf)
  36. Counting visible circles on the sphere and Kleinian groups.
    (with N. Shah), LMS series Vol 425, 272--288. (pdf)
  37. Apollonian circle packings: dynamics and number theory.
    Japanese Journal of Math., Vol 9 (2014), 69--97, (expanded version of the 13th Takagi Lecture series notes). (pdf)
  38. Harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and counting for thin groups.
    In "Thin groups and superstrong approximation", MSRI publ.61 Cambridge Univ. Press. 2014 (pdf)
  39. Limits of translates of divergent geodesics and integral points on one-sheeted hyperboloids.
    (with N. Shah), Israel J. Math., Vol 199 (2014), pp. 915--931 (pdf)
  40. Effective circle count for Apollonian packings and closed horospheres.
    (with M. Lee), Geometric and Functional analysis, Vol 23 (2013), 580--621 (pdf)
  41. Equidistribution and counting for orbits of geometrically finite hyperbolic groups.
    (with N. Shah), Journal of the American Mathematical Society, Vol 26 (2013), 511--562 (pdf)
  42. The asymptotic distribution of circles in the orbits of Kleinian groups.
    (with N. Shah), Inventiones Mathematicae, Vol 187 (2012), 1--35 (pdf)
  43. On the distribution of orbits of geometrically finite hyperbolic groups on the boundary.
    (with S. Lim), Ergod. Th. & Dynam. Sys., Vol 32, 173--189 (2012) (pdf)
  44. Almost prime Pythagorean triples in thin orbits.
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  45. Effective equidistribution of S-integral points on symmetric varieties.
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  46. Apollonian circle packings and closed horospheres on hyperbolic 3 manifolds.
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  51. Strong wavefront lemma and counting lattice points in sectors.
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  52. Discrete subgroups of SL_3(R) generated by triangular matrices.
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  63. On a problem concerning arithmeticity of discrete groups acting on H...H.
    In "Algebraic groups and Arithmetic" (TIFR, India) (pdf)
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